This category has ceramic figures/Jugs of historical military people

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Admiral Lord Nelson
Small Royal Doulton Character Jug    Nelson D6963..
Davy Crocket / Santa Anna D6729
Large Royal Doulton Two Faced Character Jug  Davy Crocket / Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna..
Don Qixote by Royal Doulton
Don Quixote Large Royal Doulton Character Jug No Damage Cracks or Chips This is a classic l..
Duke of Wellington Limited Edition
Rare  Small Royal Doulton Character Jug    Wellington D7002&..
General Custer and Sitting Bull by Royal Doulton
Royal Doulton D6712   two-faced character jug    Battle of Little Big Hor..
Generals Grant  & General Lee
Royal Doulton US Civil War “Antagonists” Character Jug    Generals Ulysses S. Grant ..
Napoleon Limited Edition
Rare  Small Royal Doulton Character Jug    Napoleon D7001  ..
Sir Francis Drake D6805
 Large Royal Doulton  Sir Francis Drake Character Jug   issued as a Limite..
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